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Repeated use of land for cultivation causes upper layer of soil to lose its nutrients. Agricultural harrow discs are used for ploughing of soil, which turns outer layer of soil inside and extracts inner fine and fertile soil, making growth of crops easier.

A notched disc (also known as serrated or scallop disc) is used to make soil finer. It crushes the soil making it smooth and ready for cultivation.

It is a flat disc that is used for sowing of seeds. Whenever it travels, a training cut is made where seeds are sown.

Flat back:
In certain unavoidable situations where discs crack while ploughing, flat back discs are used. It has the provision that permits the spool to fit easily in the disc, thus providing it strong support and absorb any jerks that may arise. This tolerance provides greater life and durability to the disc.

Trailing type:
These type of discs are used for sowing seeds. Whenever it travels in field, it makes a trailing cut, wherein seeds are spread simultaneously by seed-sowing machine.

For years, many farm equipment and tool companies have come to us for special disc blades. Our experienced technical staff of blade designers will work with your company to draft and produce a blade that tailors to your specific requirements.

Harrow Disc
A disc harrow is a farm implement that is used to cultivate the soil where crops are to be planted. It is also used to chop up unwanted weeds or crop remainders. It consists of many carbon steel and sometimes the longer lasting boron discs, which have many varying concavities and disc blade sizes and spacing (the choices of the later being determined by the final result required in a given soil type) and which are arranged into two sections ("offset disc harrow") or four sections ("tandem disc harrow"). When viewed from above, the four sections would appear to form an "X" which has been flattened to be wider than it is tall. The discs are also offset so that they are not parallel with the overall direction of the implement. This arrangement ensures that the discs will repeatedly slice any ground to which they are applied, in order to optimize the result. The concavity of the discs as well as their offset angle causes them to loosen and lift the soil that they cut.

Center Conical Disc
The Conical Disc Refiner is a refiner of single-disc cantilever design with hydraulic positioning of the rotor disc and the front cover supporting the non-rotating stator disc.
A flat inner refining zone and a conical shaped outer zone make the CD concept unique. The hydraulic system, operated by a guide valve, controls the disc clearance on the conical zone and an electric motor with a worm gear operates eight transroll screws to control the disc clearance on the flat zone. The disc clearance is measured by a TDC (True Disc Clearance).

Small Plough Disc
We are reckoned as one of the staggering Disc Plough Manufacturers in India. The materials used in the manufacturing of the Tractor Mounted Disc Plough are of optimum quality that ensures high durability, tensile strength and resistivity to adverse conditions. The array includes basic 2-disc, 3-disc, 4-disc, 5-disc & 6-disc versions of Disc Ploughs. Moreover, the Fielding Mounted Disc Plough is ideally designed to prepare the hard and dry trashy, stumpy land for final cultivation.

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