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We are a far famed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all kinds of agricultural discs and related products. The products that we offer are Flat or Coulter Discs, Showels, Casting Spool, Harrow Axle, Harrow Hub, Tyne Spring and Center Flat Disc. We also provide Harrow Disc, Small Plough, Center Concave Disc Notch, Trailing Type Disc and Notch Disc or Cutaway. These Products Have High tensile Strength, Accurate dimensions, Smooth Finish and rust & corrosion resistance. We offer quality-tested metals and other material. Owing to their distinctive features, these products find application in several agricultural activities.

Holes Available

  • Star Hole used for multiple square Axles
  • Combination Hole for Round & Square
  • Axles
  • Plough Hole
  • Round Hole With Keyway
  • Round Hole
  • Hex Hole
Discs Available
  • Harrow Disc – Plain or Smooth & Notch or cutway
  • Plough Disc
  • Center Flat Disc
  • Center Conical Disc
  • Flat coulter Disc
Sizes Available
  • Diameter: 12” to 30”
  • Thickness : 3 mm to 10 mm
Also Available Boron Steel Discs

Our Brands

  • Double Super Gainda
  • Tiger Brand


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